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Our Story

I wish our story was glamorous. One that made people pause, and reflect on the complexities of life. But it's not. It starts with newly acquired floppy boobs, really painful ones, that have a mind of their own and the realisation that my fun wardrobe and cool personality was taking a solid hit from the ups and downs of motherhood. 
From feelings of defeat and a lost sense of self came one of the most amazing fashion inventions of our time. As I stood in front of 9 bags of clothes ready to dispose of everything I owned I said "I wish I could wear my bra with everything." And that's just what I set out to do. 

Bras are a pain in my ass. Hard to buy, expensive and incredibly limiting when it comes to fashion. 1 bra or's all the same. I liked what a really well made bra did for my mom breasts but oh my goodness did they get in the way of wearing anything fashionable.

Bra skins have literally changed my life. I get to wear anything I want, dance down the isles of the grocery store, pick up my daughter and swing her around, shop without worry and spend my mornings sipping coffee instead of fussing with my outfits. 

I get to live my most authentic life because my outside matches my inside and I hope that I can help other women regain their sense of self too. 

Our story

The magic of Peekabras

The ultimate goal was to make getting dressed fun again. Thankfully, that's exactly what happened. 

After years of development and testing we are proud to be the first and only company that can offer bra skins globally. 

Experience the Peekabras difference friends.