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Our story....

I'm not going to sugar coat it ladies; this shit is really hard! No amount of education, business or life experience could have prepared me for the level of difficulty that comes with revolutionising the fashion industry. 

This story, my story, our story is a culmination of rejection, desire, conflict, frustration, fear and change that would scare the tits off even the most daring women. I'm still scared. Every day I wake up and believe whole heartedly in my vision. But I am riddled with doubt. Whether it was growing up as a female in the 80's and 90's or the extreme bullying I endured, I'm constantly wrestling myself to win the fight against the I can'ts in order to change world. 

I have big dreams! 

Transforming the fashion and lingerie industry.

Creating a company that is designed for women to succeed.

Helping my sisters around the world to find their greatness. 


Eliminate the wall of self doubt that has taken a lifetime to build.

How does 1 person achieve this? They don't. And this is where my story starts. It starts with my lifelong struggle to find my people. Women that support one another. Women that accept each other and their choices. Women that want more than what society wants to give. My story starts at the age of 9 years old. One day in 1991 I built a wall that has steadily grown over the years. As 40 approaches, I'm trying to build a wrecking ball with my name on it to break it down. Because I know my people exist. As the strong females reveal themselves to me my wrecking ball gets bigger and bigger. And one day, it will be big enough to tear it down. 

This blog is one of many tools that will help achieve this and in the process help other women who are many things with many wants and desires. This company is a manifestation of all the years of what I could have done and wanted to be. It's a representation of what life should look like for women: We should have options to live the life we want. 

I'm excited, nervous, hesitant yet willing to give myself to the world in the hopes of discovering just what is possible when you say FUCK IT and choose total authenticity. 

My next blog will most likely be one of the most intimidating tasks that I have ever embarked on. It will reveal the event that changed me forever. An event that sent my life in a direction that I am now fighting with every fibre of my being to change.

I am Ashley Grottoli; woman, sister, daughter, friend, mother, mentor, leader, inventor and doer!

I am ME. This is Peekabras. We are ONE. 


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