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Say Goodbye to the Custom Bra Myth: How Peekabras is Revolutionising the Bra Industry with Universal Designs

Let's be honest, the bra industry has always been driven by profits. For years, bra companies have marketed custom-made bras to us, making us believe that our boobs are so unique and special that we need a personalized fit. However, the truth is that for most of us, a well-designed, universal bra is more than enough.

Although it's true that some women may require a custom-made bra due to unique circumstances, such as breast surgery or asymmetry, this is not the case for the majority of women. The bra industry perpetuates the myth that we need custom-made bras, and this contributes to the issue of waste in the fashion industry. We're made to believe that having more bras means more options, but in reality, this is just a ploy by bra companies to keep us buying more of their products.

Our wardrobes are not any better off because of the bra industry. With fast fashion and the constant push for new trends and styles, we're already facing a major issue of waste in the fashion industry. And bras are no exception to this problem. How many bras do we have sitting in our drawers that we haven't worn in months or even years? How many bras have we bought only to find out that they don't fit quite right or are uncomfortable to wear? These bras end up in the back of our closets or, even worse, in the trash.

Luckily, Peekabras has revolutionized the bra industry with their innovative design, creating a bra that fits like a dream and works with our natural shape. The best part? These bras are accessible and affordable for women everywhere, making uncomfortable and ill-fitting bras that do nothing to solve our wardrobe woes a thing of the past.

Let's not accuse the bra industry of being money-hungry liars, but rather acknowledge that they have been marketing personalised bras to us in order to increase sales. However, we can now choose to move beyond this marketing strategy and opt for a well-designed, universal bra like Peekabras.

Say goodbye to discomfort and frustration and hello to comfort and support with Peekabras. Don't be swayed by the myths of the bra industry, trust in a brand that delivers on its promise of a great fit for all shapes and sizes. Let's invest in quality over quantity and make a change for the better, reducing waste in the fashion industry and simplifying our wardrobes.

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