Peekabras User Guide

This is a very easy process that takes no more than 2 minutes:

~Make sure your bra is fitting comfortably and that the straps and fit are to your liking. 

~Pick your Peeekabra

~Detach back strap hook from your bra on both sides. 

~Turn it inside out so that the front laser cuts are facing up.

~Insert the bra in to the Peekabra. Please refer to video.

~ Line up seams with the edges of your bra. 

~Put on your bra how you normally would being mindful that you don't want to shift the bra inside the Peekabra. 

~Once on, do a final adjustment of the Peekabra by smoothing edges and shifting material where needed. 

To remove your bra from the Peekabra:

~Take off the Peekabra the same way you would your bra.

~Through the rectangular laser cut in the inside back find the hook for the strap and detach it from your bra on both sides.

~Simply pull your bra through the centre laser cut on the inside front of the Peekabra

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