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Say hello to airy singlets and sheer shirts with confidence, and wave goodbye to those awkward bra moments.

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  • Peekabras was the star of the show! Showcasing how bra styling can make or break your outfit and confidence.

  • Our groundbreaking designs were featured in this iconic magazine.

  • CBC News Interviewed our founder to get to know the 'why' behind bra skins and how its changing the lives of women around the world.

We make bras easy to buy and fun to wear!

Get fitted once. Change the colour when you need to.

Q: What exactly is the Bra System, and why is it a game-changer for my wardrobe?

A: Imagine a world where choosing a bra isn’t like diving into a black hole of “meh” options! Our Bra System is the brainchild of a group of women who were fed up with the same old lingerie dance. You know the drill – staring at a sea of bras and always picking that one ‘reliable’ yet bland bra. And then comes the real nightmare for us style-savvy gals: trying to camouflage it under our chic outfits. Safety pins, tape... sound familiar?

But let's face it, for those of us blessed with larger, softer, or any kind of breasts that demand support, this whole process is not just a style killer; it's a confidence crusher. That’s where our Bra System steps in – it’s a game-changer, literally eliminating every single one of these fashion faux pas.

Here’s the scoop: Our system starts with a fantastically comfortable base bra that offers the perfect lift and shape, in a versatile taupe for your basic needs. But wait, there's more – the real magic is in our interchangeable skins. These skins snugly fit our bras, allowing you to switch up the color of your fabulous bra without the usual dressing drama.

Think of our base bra as the foundation of your lingerie empire. Once you've got it, expanding your wardrobe is a breeze – just snap up new colors and patterns as easily as swiping right on your favorite dating app. We’ve made sure that getting fitted is a one-time fuss, and after that, it’s smooth sailing for your shopping experience.

Hard to believe? We get it, but it's all true – our triple global awards and glowing five-star reviews are the proof in the pudding. So, say goodbye to bra woes and hello to effortless style!

If I do an online fitting do I need to show my boobs?

The short answer is NO. Our fit specialists simply walk you through the process and you can do the measurements on the spot or we will send you a measuring tape free of charge and you can do it at your convenience and email it through. We will determine the right size based on 5 years of global research. Side note: We are an Aus Industry Research Organisation and have lots and lots of data that helps us give you the best outcomes 🥰.

Q: Online bra shopping often disappoints me with the size and fit. Will I face the same issue with your bra system?

A: We understand that finding the perfect fit online can be a challenge. That's why we're proud to say that 97% of our customers find their perfect fit with our bras on the first try. But, on the off chance it's not a perfect match initially, don't worry! The beauty of our system lies in the simplicity of our bra skins. Once you've nailed the fit with your base bra, you can keep ordering bra skins that are guaranteed to fit. So, while getting that initial fit might take a little bit of tweaking, every purchase after that is incredibly easy. Think of it as a one-time effort for a lifetime of perfect fits!

Q: Can you tell me more about your 3-year warranty and 1-year size change guarantee? That's quite unheard of in lingerie!

A: Oh, we know! Most bra companies seem to love the idea of your drawers overflowing with barely-worn bras. But we're not about that life. Our philosophy? You don’t need more bras, just more fabulous options. That's why our base bra comes with an amazing 3-year warranty – because, let's be real, you don't need another bra collecting dust.

And about those surprise mornings when you realize your breasts have done a little shape-shifting overnight – we totally get it. Life happens, bodies change. That’s why we offer a no-cost size change within the first year. Yes, you heard that right – absolutely free.

We’re saying goodbye to those lacy numbers that never see the light of day. Instead, our bra skins transform your base bra into a statement piece. It's all about having that essential bra ready to rock those skins. We’re here to put you first!

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