Capture the 55 Billion Dollar
 bra wearing market

Women spent 21.56 Billion Dollars on rarely or never used bras in 2020. Why is so much money being left in the bra drawer? Our research suggests it's due to searching for ANYTHING to wear under fun, new and exciting fashion while trying to maintain the benefits of wearing a purpose built bra.

Why bra skins?

Guaranteed fit. Bra skins mould to bras changing its look and colour while maintaining superior lift and shape.  They work with the #1 selling bra in the world and the bra of choice for events, dresses and smart/casual wear. If you choose to offer our specially designed bra then you will further capture the lingerie market in ways that has never been done before. 

Unlimited colours and patterns. Bra skins are printable and ethically dyed to match ANY textile Pantone or custom print. So design without reservation and offer a bra solution like no other on the market.  

Full circle eco garment. This full circle eco garment out performs eco alternatives by 450x for quality and durability. Our recycling program means you are at the forefront of the full circle economy. 

Unbeatable Margins. Bras are expensive. Bra skins are not. We are able to manufacture bra skins in various and endless colours for fraction of the cost of bralettes and other layers. 

Award winning design and innovation.  This multiple global award winning product is being recognised for its incredible contributions to lingerie and sustainable, full circle eco fashion. Not only will you be offering bra wearers the smartest solution on the market, you will help drastically reduce fashion waste.

Exclusivity.  Bra skins are patented in 46 countries. If you qualify for a bra skin license,  it means you can offer this revolutionary product as a huge brand and sales advantage.   

Made for women by women. Our global team of women have made it our mission to  address major gaps in lingerie and fashion because they are issues we experience every single day.  Painful, sweaty, uncomfortable, bouncing, breasts are never in-style for an estimated 2 billion women globally. We know our customers value a bra for outside the home wear and struggle to dress accordingly. Bra skins are cleverly designed to transform bras into a fashion accessory, not a hinderance to buying new clothes.  


Whether you're looking to capture more of your target market, find new markets, upsell or enter the full circle economy,  bra skins offer fashion and lingerie retailers the most advanced solutions for the age old questions: What do I wear under that? We offer flexible, low risk licensing sand wholesales solutions for all types of businesses big or small. Our corporate partners are true experts in logistics, global best practices, high tech manufacturing and have certifications in Oeko-Tex 100, BSCI, SMETA & SGS. 

1 bra, just change the skins. Bra skins are to bras like pillow cases are to pillows. 

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Be part of the fashion revolution. Fashion inclusivity is so much bigger than sizes. It includes body and breast changes that limit our ability to explore and enjoy fashion. So give your bra wearing customers what they want and need: A hassle free, coordinated layer that provides all the benefits of an amazing bra without the limitations. 

The reality of getting dressed: Whether we would like to admit it or not, getting dressed entails a heck of a lot more than just buying the outfit. How many times have you brought something home only to realise that it falls off the shoulder when you move, is a little more sheer than it looked in the change room or flat out decided to worry about it at a later date never actually taking the tag off and wearing it.