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Fashion Brands 

As a fashionista who wears a bra, I want t help you sell more of your gorgeous clothes to people like me. 

Peekabras bridges the gap between lingerie and fashion by giving bra wearers the bra they need in the colours and designs they want. 

Peekabras, has unlimited potential for you to print your current seasons colours, designs and logos on our bra skins so that you can offer a layering option that ticks all the boxes for those who can't/won't part with their bras. 

Contact us to find out how you can capture the bra wearing fashionista market in order to seriously increase the sales of your garments and make women all over the world very very happy.

Bra Brands

I love my bras so much. Seriously you guys have done so much right when it comes to bras. But to me, and millions of women around the world, they are still undergarments and will always be undergarments. We all have a favourite bra and a huge portion of us are loyal to that bra because, as you know, changing bra styles simply isn't an option for us. Whether it's cost, colours or fit, new bras are not really the preferred choice of many bra wearers when it comes to layering for their fashion. And a little secret I wanted to share is that after poling bra employees in 6 countries over the course of 2 years they are asked by consumers upwards of 67 times a day if there is anything to put over or on top of their bra. Don't lose this market. Stock your bras' new best friend.

Bra skins are the add on of all add ons. Endless colour and pattern options will increase sales and lifetime customer value previously unavailable in the lingerie industry. 

Contact us to find out more about stocking bra skins.